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Get to Know Your Last Defence Leave-In Moisturiser: All Your Questions Answered

Looking for a way to elevate your hair care routine? Meet the Last Defence Leave-In Moisturiser from Yen Body, your hair’s final line of defence against dryness, damage, and frizz. This leave-in moisturiser is suitable for all hair types, but especially those with curly, dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. In this blog, we’ll delve into the benefits of using a leave-in moisturiser and how Last Defence can help keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

What Does a Leave-In Moisturizer Do for Your Hair?

A leave-in moisturiser is a crucial step in your hair care routine that helps keep your hair moisturised, detangled, and protected from external elements and heat-styling tools. Infused with Vitamin B and prickly pear, the lightweight formula of Last Defence won’t weigh your hair down and offers numerous benefits:

Last Defence leave-in treatment | Yen Body
  1. Detangles hair
  2. Protects hair from heat and environmental factors
  3. Nourishes and conditions hair
  4. Adds shine
  5. Helps style and smooths flyaways
  6. Can be used daily
  7. Suitable for hair extensions

What is Dry Hair and How Does Last Defence Help?

Dry hair is a sign of hydration and moisture deficiency that can result in split ends and breakage. The Last Defence leave-in moisturiser, when used with Yen Body’s hydration treatment and pH-balancing shampoo and conditioner, will help repair your hair from the inside out and restore its hydration levels.

How Does Last Defence Help with Frizz?

Frizz is often a result of a weak spot in your hair’s growth phase and can be worsened by dryness. Last Defence, enriched with vital nutrients, will help repair and heal your hair, reducing the appearance of frizz.

How Does Last Defence Help with Damaged Hair?

Damaged hair is caused by environmental factors, heat, and chemical processing. By using a nutrient-rich leave-in moisturiser like Last Defence, you can begin the healing process and repair your hair from the inside out, instead of just coating the surface for a quick fix.

Prickly Pear in our Last Defence leave-in Treatment | Yen Body

How Does Last Defence Help with Curly Hair?

Curly hair tends to grow oblong, leading to a spiral shape, but also making it harder to retain hydration. By incorporating Last Defence into your routine, you can replenish your hair’s weak spots and restore its hydration and moisture levels.

How Does Last Defence Help with Bleached or Coloured Hair?

Colouring, bleaching, and highlighting can strip your hair of hydration and alter its pH level. Maintaining a healthy pH level is essential to protect your hair’s cuticle layer and retain color and moisture. Last Defence leave-in moisturiser will help preserve your color and protect your hair’s integrity.

How to Use Last Defence Leave-In Moisturiser:

After cleansing your hair with Yen Body’s Cortex Care Shampoo and conditioning with Cortex Care Conditioner, it’s time for protection. Simply apply a small amount of Last Defence to your hands and distribute evenly through your hair.

Last Defence Leave-In Moisturiser is the perfect finishing touch to your hair care routine, The Curated. by Yen Body.

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