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valentines day gift guide haircare gifting 2023 gifts for her

Valentine’s day gift guide

Whether you’re newly dating, happily married, or anywhere in between, we asked our clients for their take on the perfect gift this Valentine’s day! From creative takes to classic options – little cheesy gifts (you can never go wrong), thoughtful keepsakes and romantic getaways, each will grant your day together with a hint of romance. […]

Get to know your Last Defence Leave in Moisturiser

Why do I need a leave in a moisturiser? How to know when you need extra protection! Your questions answered by our long hair specialists – Yen Body. As an extra yet important step in your hair care routine, our Last Defence will provide further moisture (great for curls), soften and smooth hair, assist with […]

Get to know your Cortex Care Conditioner:

What is the best type of conditioner for my hair? Why is Biotin and pH balance so important? Let’s talk about it!  Just like our pH balancing Shampoo, our Cortex Care Conditioner continues the repairing and nourishing process for your hair. Your pH level plays a significant role in strengthening your hair. The pH scale […]

Get to know your Cortex Care Shampoo:

Why do I need a pH balanced Shampoo, and what exactly is a cortex? Your questions answered by our long hair specialists – Yen Body. Your PH level plays a significant role in strengthening your hair. The PH scale goes from 0 to 14, with 0 to 6 being acidic, 7 being neutral, and 8 […]

What type of hair extensions are right for you on your wedding day? 

Let’s discuss our most asked question: What type of extensions will work with my desired wedding hairstyle? Let me walk you through our top 3 hair extension types and why you should consider wearing them to take your hairstyle to the next level! Our number one on the list: Clip-in hair extensions – These are a […]

Reviews are the best compliment you can give us | Yen Body

Positive reviews from honest customers like you help others in need, whether that be styling, hair care or time for a big change in the salon chair! Your words help others feel confident about choosing Yen Body. How you can review us at Yen Body: If you would like to write a blog about your […]

Miss Bliss Hair Boutique – Gold Coast

Hi lovely,  A few quick points before you book your appointment!  MissBlissHair has changed its name! We are now Yen Body.  We want to ensure you are not confused and think you are booking with Miss Bliss, but you keep seeing the name Yen Body.  MissBlissHair is Yen Body 🙂 Sorry for any confusion; we look forward to […]

yen body hair salon, haircare, bridal how 3 business became one on the Gold Coast

The Yen Body Story How 3 businesses became 1!

Hi, I’m kristy Jaric, and I’m excited to explain to you who we are! This may get a little confusing, but please stay with me. I promise it will be so simple at the end of this story! Some of you know me as MissBlissHair, mainly when I used to do a lot of influencers hairstyling […]

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