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About us

Carefully chosen and thoughtfully organised. we welcome you, and look forward to beginning this journey with you.

After looking at alternatives

The journey began

We are a forward thinking, genuine company that are not only passionate and strongly believe in it but others do too. A company we make time for and relates to us in peaceful, strong aspects of our lives. We love the space Yen Body allows us to be creative and grow within ourselves.

A perfect fit for your every day life

Ready to support your lifestyle

Not just a beauty brand but a lifestyle. What you see is what you get. We offer a helping hand no matter how big or small, it is a safe place to share. As leaders and experts in our field, we are results driven by getting to the root of the problem.

Simplicity in design and form

Back to the basics

Science completes the links of Earth by starting where it all began. Continuing the foundation of love with purposeful and tranquil resources that we have been provided, our kind and gentle creations are proven to work. The two greatest elements combine to create the winning formula. We want to preserve and keep the Earth beautiful so we can continue its serenity and environment for future generations to come. Nature + Science come together.

Environmentally conscious

Reducing our carbon footprint

By protecting the quality of food, water and life we are making conscious steps as a company. One Earth, one life. That is why we have chosen to use recyclable materials for all of our packaging to make a conscious effort to stop single use plastic and reduce our carbon footprint.

Protect our ecosystem

Cruelty free all the way

Animals are an important part of our company, they deserve to live just as much as we do and play a huge part by keeping the ecosystems running effectively. We never want to see an animal hurt or in pain because they too have emotion and soul. Each and every animal is beautiful in its own way as they too are unique and special just like us. 

 Hi, I’m Kristy Jaric, and I’m the founder of Yen Body.

I’ve been in the hair industry for over 20 years, and it broke my heart to see so many people trying (and often failing) to repair their damaged hair. 

You never think it will happen to you—and then it does. And having damaged, dry, hair that’s unmanageable and breaks easily has such a huge impact on your self-esteem. It’s a very upsetting, confusing and exhausting position to be in.

Well, I don’t want anyone to ever feel like that again, which is why I created Yen Body. I want you to feel glamorous and gorgeous—and confident enough to show your shiny, healthy locks to the world!

Like anything good, healing your hair takes time and consistency. But with the right products and support, your hair will look its best! We’ll share tips and tricks to help you: and I am here every step of the way to hold your hand, and answer any questions. Because you deserve to love your hair—and yourself!

Together, let’s make every day a great hair day!


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