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How to moisturise dry hair

Get to know our thriving leave-in moisturiser – Last Defence! Dry hair can be frustrating and impacts the look and feel of our hair. At some point in our lives, everyone will experience dryer than usual hair and that’s okay! You just need to know what to look for and how to get your hair […]

How do you know you need a keratin treatment? And why should you have one?

First, let’s start with — What is a Keratin treatment?  Keratin smoothing is a specific treatment that smoothes, disciplines and repairs all hair types.  “We are all about repairing hair here at Yen Body” As Jean Paul Myn’e says— Thanks to Oxilamine technology, it makes hair stronger, healthier and shinier as well as smoothing the […]

Take a walk through the journey experience with me.

      It’s Sunday night. We had a fun-filled and busy weekend! Now, it’s time for me! I head into the bathroom; I light my favourite candles, I pump four pumps of Journey hydration treatment into my hands. – It is so handy being a pump bottle. Then I apply to my dry hair, […]

Want to know how Joyce went from bleach blonde, to 2 different fashion colours and back to blonde in just a few short months? Let’s talk about her hair journey!

    I’m sure you’re wondering how her hair survived all these changes? Let’s break down what we needed to do to successfully transform her hair back to blonde without completely damaging it!   Let’s begin with a little bit about Joyce’s hair— Her natural level of colour is a level 1, black. Joyce has […]

Why you should never cut your own hair

So, you ask — But why cant I  cut my own hair?  Let me run through a couple reasons why.   I see you split end — Im going to get you!  Most people don’t have professional grade scissors laying around at home, so they use kitchen or office scissors – ekk, bad plan! These […]

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