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The Effects of the Elements on your Hair

Ever wondered why your hair can look perfect one day and then a complete mess the next despite the fact you styled it the exact same way?

It’s had many stumped for a long time but we are here to expose the silent style killer!

There are two things we need to look at when understanding our hair – did you know the weather can play a huge role in how good or how bad our hair looks? We also need to know that this all varies on the overall condition and health of our hair strands. So, here’s what we found out about the effects of the elements on our hair and how we can protect, combat and nourish our locks all year round.

The Wind: Prevention

We all know the wind is known for completely messing up our hair however, did you know that the wind can also have drying and damaging effects? Thick, thin, curly or straight, gusts of wind are bound to strip our hair of moisture, encourage tangles and cause it to become dry and brittle. As the breeze flows it increases the evaporation rate – this friction is also going to wear away at the cuticle and cause damage. The Journey Hydration Treatment is going to seal in hydration and protect the cuticle of the hair against these drying effects. We recommend facing the day with a cute style (plaits, clipped up, or bun) and leaving a generous amount of Journey in your hair to protect, strengthen and hydrate your hair all day long.

Tips for combating the wind:

✧ Choose a weather proof style – plaits, braids, low bun

✧ Use a gentle tangle teaser brush, regular brushes can rip and pull hair which can cause fluffiness and frizz

✧ Apply Journey and let hair air dry -for all day hydration

The Cold/Rain: Protection

Rain is an obvious weather factor that can quickly change your hair/style. Before it falls from the sky the water in the rain is pretty much filtered, however as it falls back down to earth the water can become polluted as the rainwater can come into contact with impurities in the air or other substances. When hair is exposed to acidic rain, the acids and chemicals in the water can strip the moisture from the hair, leaving it frizzy. (source, vitalise) With weekly treatments of Journey, hair will become less frizzy and fluffy allowing for effortless styling. If hair is healthy and hydrated such climates as the cold and or rain will not have such a huge effect on your hair! It’s vital to keep hydration high during the Winter season as these drying temperatures can have a large impact on your strands. Just like our skin, our hair also needs to be nourished, hydrated and loved during this frosty period.

Tips for combating the cold:

✧ Try updo’s if it’s raining!

✧ Keep a travel sized dry shampoo/hairspray etc. in your handbag for any hair emergencies – the weather can be very unpredictable at times

✧ Apply Journey in the morning, style hair and take on the day!

The Heat: Moisturise

You may recognise with heat and sunshine; our hair behaves differently! Being in the sun can easily cause your natural oils to evaporate – in doing this, it can also trigger your body into producing more natural oils however, can greatly affect your hair by throwing it out and causing it to feel greasy and dense. Being outdoors can have a drying and strenuous effect on hair strands too. The sun can dry out hair, stripping it of hydration which can leave it crunchy and brittle. Loss of hair hydration plus humidity make for the unfavourable combination of dry frizzy hair. To ensure your hair can handle the heat we recommend applying Journey weekly to protect hair, hydrate and keep strength up!

Tips for combating the heat + humidity:

✧ Apply Journey post swim to protect against UV damage and keep hydration high.

✧ Remember to use a swimming cap or rinse your hair with water before getting it wet in the pool to help reduce chlorine damage, always rinse your hair with clean water post swim.

✧ Be gentle and extra cautious with your hair – a lot of hair can be lost when frequently swimming, washing and drying happens!

With these tips and knowledge, you should be able to successfully look after, protect and hydrate hair all year round!

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