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  • For support please email lilly@yenbody.com after overlooking our frequently asked questions.


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  • We are always looking to expand our community! If you are wanting to stock Journey in salon or online please email lilly@yenbody.com


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About us


Where are you based?

  • We are a small Australian Made and Owned company based on the Gold Coast, Australia and Journey My Treatment is created in the beautiful hills of Byron bay.


Who is Yen Body?

  • Yen Body is the company that the Journey Hydration Treatment and hair pack fall under.



Journey Hydration Treatment


 How do I apply Journey?

  • To achieve maximum results, apply and rinse shampoo twice. Gently brush through hair and apply Journey to your mid-lengths and ends. Clip hair up and leave in overnight. In the morning, or when you next have a shower just rinse and apply conditioner to lock in hydration.
  • If you would like to just apply for 30 mins as stated on the bottle you will also receive great results. Just leave in treatment for desired time then rinse and apply conditioner. 


How long do I leave the treatment in for?

  • We recommend leaving Journey in for at least 30 minutes however the longer the better! We like to leave ours in overnight. Just rinse and apply conditioner as normal in the morning. Journey is a light weight treatment so won’t cause any oil build up or weight the hair down.


 How long will one tube last me?

  • For those with medium to fine hair one tube should last 4-5 weeks.


What does the treatment do?

  • Journey works deep into the cuticle of the hair repairing from the inside out for long term results. Our treatment will repair dry and damaged hair, promote growth, add shine and thicken hair. Journey is packed with hydrating and healing ingredients such as Shea butter, macadamia nut oil and aloe Vera to strengthen the cuticle and improve health.


How often do I need to apply journey?

  • We suggest weekly use however, on weeks you receive a fresh colour or service in salon you can apply twice a week to keep hydration up.


Is it safe for colour clients?

  • Our treatment is ideal for colour clients! We recommend applying Journey post service to ensure hair is hydrated and healthy after being exposed to a colour service. As hair becomes healthier you will find your colour holds longer and looks more vibrant!


What are the ingredients?

  • Please email lilly@yenbody.com for a full ingredients list otherwise, each tube includes all ingredients.


Can I sleep in the treatment?

  • Yes! For maximum results, we recommend leaving the treatment in overnight.


Is journey suitable for extensions?

  • Journey is perfectly fine to use on extensions as there are no harmful proteins or nasties in the product that can harm you or your extensions in anyway. Like most products, try to keep away from the bonds or tape tabs and you will have no problems.


 Do you guarantee results?

  • Yes! We can guarantee that journey will improve the health of your hair when followed correctly. Everyone is different and results may vary.


 Is the treatment tested on animals?

  • No! Journey is not tested on animals. We love our fury friends.


 Is journey vegan?

  • Yes! Journey is 100% vegan.


Is it suitable for those with a sensitive scalp?

  • As Journey is 100% natural it is suitable for those with a sensitive scalp – Our treatment also has a natural fragrance and no artificial colouring!


Will journey add shine?

  • Yes! As journey repairs from the inside out hair becomes healthy, beautiful and shiny!


 Where is the treatment made and manufactured?

  • Journey My Treatment is created in the beautiful hills of Byron bay!


Hair survival pack / hair maintenance kit

What is the hair survival pack?

  • The hair survival pack / hair maintenance kit is ideal for the frequent traveler or anyone who loves having their all their hair needs in one beautiful pack!
A bottle of Journey is included in the hair survival pack, however the bottle is not included in the hair maintenance kit.


Kit does not include bottle of Journey

 How do I use the pack/kit?

  • We recommend using the microfiber towel to gently towel dry hair after you have applied and rinsed shampoo twice. Gently brush through hair from the bottom up using your tangle teaser brush. Apply journey to your mid-lengths and ends and clip hair up with your salon quality clip. Keep your pack tidy and in one place with the reusable beauty bag!


What do I receive in the pack/kit?

  • Microfiber towel
  • X2 salon quality clips
  • Tangle teaser brush
  • Reusable beauty bag




Can I change my billing information?

  • Yes you can! To update billing information please email lilly@yenbody.com


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I entered the wrong email address what should I do?

  • If you have entered the wrong email address please email lilly@yenbody.com right away to ensure you receive all updates regarding your order.


Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

  • Unfortunately, once an order has been placed it becomes too late to cancel.


There are missing items in my package what should I do?

  • On the unlikely chance that you receive your package with missing items please email lilly@yenbody.com


I received a damaged product what should I do?


I received the wrong item what should I do?

  • On the unlikely chance that you receive incorrect item/s please email lilly@yenbody.com




How do I cancel my subscription?

  • You can cancel your subscription by emailing lilly@yenbody.com or through your customer portal link (you received this in an email when you signed up)


How do I change the frequency of my subscription?

  • You can change the frequency of your subscription by emailing lilly@yenbody.com or through your customer portal link (you received this in an email when you signed up)


Can I skip an order?

  • Yes! To skip an order simply email lilly@yenbody.com or in your customer portal link under orders hit ‘skip’ on the order you wish to skip.


How do I manage my subscription?

  • You can manage your subscription through your customer portal link you received when you signed up. Alternatively, any changes that need to be made can be emailed to lilly@yenbody.com