Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it add shine to my hair?

Yes, as your hair becomes more nourished this will promote health and shine.

Can I use it everyday?

As hairdressers we don’t recommend washing your hair everyday.
Every 2nd to 3rd day is best for washing your hair.

How often should I use Journey Hydration Mask?

For best results use our product weekly. To use, shampoo your hair twice, rinse and then towel dry your hair. Apply Journey Hydration Mask from mid lengths to your ends. Run the remaining treatment on your hands through your scalp.  Leave your treatment on for half an hour before rinsing and finish off with your usual styling routine. If your hair is feeling really dry then we suggest using Journey Hydration mask  as your conditioner until your hair comes to life again. Once your hair is hydrated you can go back to treating your hair weekly.

Can the family use it as well?

Sure can, get everyone involved! Our product is made with all natural ingredients, so there are no nasties! Help give everyone beautiful, healthy, shiny and strong hair.

How long will it last me?

For medium hair, using the treatment weekly, 1 tube will last up to 4 weeks.

Can I use it if I have a sensitive scalp?

Our products are all natural, including the fragrance. They are low irritant and gentle on the skin. If you do have skin problems, we do recommend speaking with your health professional first.

Will it help with my split ends?

We have put many ingredients in our Hydration Mask to help reduce split ends, in time this will create longer hair. One of our ingredients is a vegetable protein which has been scientifically tested and proven to strengthen hair, it also contains anti breakage properties. Other ingredients are high in moisture and seal over the cuticle of the hair, this smoothes and creates shine on your hair.

How long do I leave the treatment in for? Can I leave it in over night?

For the best results we recommend using Journey Hair Care Hydration Mask weekly, leaving it on for 30 minutes. Our product is light weight and will not weigh your hair down. So, if your hair is really dry and damaged, you can replace your conditioner with the treatment to speed up the repair process. It is also safe to leave the Hydration Mask on you overnight.

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