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Brunette to blonde: everything you need to know about this hair transition.

Here are my five essential tips for taking brunette clients to platinum blonde.


We have all just seen Kim Kardashian do it for the Meta Gala and recently tweeted, “Being blonde is a full-time job.” Let me tell you, it really is!


Let’s get into the details of what to expect when you’re thinking of starting your journey to blonde.


  1. Expectation — We need to understand that the journey to blonde is not a quick colour service or cheap. We also need to keep in mind that what we currently have on our hair at present, weather that be box dye or natural, will determine how many lightening sessions are required. 

The technology of lightening products is much more advanced these days, making it easier to go blonde and kinder on the hair. But don’t forget, hair requires ultimate hydration throughout this process to ensure it stays in the best possible condition. 



2. Hydration— If you are on your journey to blonde, you have to remember that this is a very strong chemical process and will dry your hair out! It is a must to keep your hair hydrated as must as possible. Don’t just leave it up to your hairdresser to do this, as you also need a suitable home haircare treatment. 

You are spending so much money and time on your hair to go blonde, so make sure you keep your investment healthy and on your head. Please do the homework and keep your hair hydrated throughout this process and after. No one wants to have straw like snapping blonde hair! 



3. Loyalty — When starting the process of going blonde, make sure you stick with the same hairdresser. It is so crucial that the stylist knows exactly what they have done, what you have started with and what products they have used. 

Even within the same salon, I recommend sticking with the stylist you started this journey with as you become a team and the number one goal is to give you healthy blonde hair. 



4. Stick with it— When you decide to go blonde, make sure you will stick with it. You may have to go through a dreaded orange or warm stage of the journey to blonde. Don’t panic it’s all for the greater good, trust the process. This can be frustrating and annoying, but you need to understand that you have to go through this stage to get you to a level 10, a beautiful creamy blonde, especially if you are starting at 1, which is black! We have to work our way through all the numbers from 1 to 10 to reach your perfect blonde, whilst keeping your hair as healthy and strong as possible. 

Be patient with your hairdresser, as some client’s hair can come down quicker than others but hang in there and keep an eye on the final result. 



5. Maintenance— As a brunette, the maintenance is reasonably straightforward, and you can get away without colouring your hair for a longer period of time and can stay in better condition. When you transition to blonde, you need to visit your salon more regularly and use more home hair care products and put a lot more effort into being blonde. 

Like changing to toning shampoos and conditioners from moisture shampoos and conditioners and don’t forget about weekly treatments. 

It sounds like hard work, but trust me, if you want to be a blonde and have beautiful blonde hair, then all this is worth it! 

Plus, as soon as you create new habits, it all becomes part of your new norm. 


They are my top 5 tips for starting your journey to blonde hair. I hope you enjoy being a blonde and now for the big question— Do blondes have more fun? Thank you for reading, and I hope these 5 tips have helped you on your journey to blonde. 


Kristy x

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