Why does my hair feel dry?

by Lilly Moyes

As we enter another change of season we may notice our hair becomes noticeably drier and weaker than usual, sound familiar? 'Crunchy, brittle' and 'dull' are words we definitely don't want to be describing our hair by but unfortunately is a problem that many heads of hair are faced with.

What causes dry/damaged hair? 

The first sight of dry hair indicates undernourished locks. Although there are many factors that can play a part in drying out the hair, we have zeroed in on the top elements that lead to unhealthy hair. 

  • Excessive sun/element exposure
  • Over styling with heat-tools
  • Chemical damage from colouring or bleaching
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Excessive hair washing
  • Using the wrong types of haircare products

Protect hair from the heat:

You may recognise with heat and sunshine; our hair behaves differently! This is also the case for colder climates too! Being in the sun can easily cause your natural oils to evaporate – in doing this, it can also trigger your body into overproducing natural oils too. This is detrimental to our hair as it can greatly affect it by throwing out the balance and causing it to feel greasy and dense. Loss of hair hydration plus humidity make for the unfavourable combination of dry frizzy hair. By having your haircare routine in place and in action as you enter a new season, this will be a great defence and protection through this changing phase to  protect, hydrate and strengthen hair.  

 Useful tips for protecting hair from heat styling:

  • Limit heat use
  • Use a heat protectant
  • Avoid heat-styling damp hair
  • Try more heat-free styling techniques (such as foam curlers for tight ringlets and self-fastening hook-and-loop rollers for smooth waves. Updos and braids are also great styling options.)

Healthy hair is SO important to us and that is why we were so particular about the ingredients and method we use to create our products.. We are always moving forward and perfecting formulas however, we can strand strong knowing our products will protect hair and keep your locks hydrated and nourished all year round for thick, shining and beautiful hair! To begin your journey or would like to learn more about us head www.yenbody.com