Is your hairbrush the reason why you have damaged hair? Your guide to brushes!

by Lilly Moyes

From damaging the hair cuticle to causing split ends, did you know that something as simple as your hairbrush could be sabotaging your hair? In this article, we get serious about brushing and reveal what to look for and what to avoid when seeking out the perfect brush for your locks!

Walking down the beauty isle, we have one goal in mind – it’s time to get ourselves a new hairbrush, the handle of our last one just snapped! We haven’t really put any thought into it... Suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of brushes there are to choose from, we grab the first one that looks familiar to us. “This one, that one, oh look that’s a nice one!” We end up opting for something affordable and ‘normal looking’ because that’s all we know and quite frankly whose got time to rummage through them all? – not us! After using it for a few weeks we can’t work out why our hair is constantly fluffy, there’s a lot of breakage and it’s really rough on the hair. Sound familiar? That’s because there’s actually a lot more to hairbrushes than we know, the brush we chose will affect our hair in a number of ways. That is why it is essential to understand what type of brush is suited for your hair type. We believe that using the right tools for your hair is just as important as applying a treatment – knowledge is key!

First things first, let’s go through a few different brush types and get to know their purposes!

Detangle Brush – A unique brush with a specific purpose, to smooth out wet or dry hair, to reduce breakage and gently detangle. Unfortunately, most of the time these brushes cannot be used for blow drying/styling because the heat can melt the bristles.

Paddle Brush – Great for taming a large amount of locks and ideal for blow drying. The only downfall of the paddle brush is it can be big and bulky and cause frizz and fluffiness.

Round Brush – An interesting tool which is great for assisting with straightening and encouraging the hair to stay sleek however, round brushes can have harsh brittles which rip and pull on the hair which can lead to breakage and damage.

The list does go on however, we are going to focus on these three today. As women, we tend to use this tool everyday so we want to ensure we are using the right one!

Introducing the Journey Tangle Teaser Brush by Yen Body.

We’ve taken all of these….

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And created this!

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We have combined the best features, finest bristles the most luxurious designs to create the Tangle Teaser Brush, suited for all hair types!

When wanting to look after and maintain your hairs health, the tangle teaser brush will assist with this plus more. Our brush was designed to promote hair growth by stimulating the food flow on the scalp. Its soft bristles allow for proactive stimulation and gently brush through hair. The thin bristles were designed to gently detangle thick, thin, curly and straight hair from the top all the way to the bottoms without ripping or pulling the strands. The tips of the bristles are designed to remove any build up or flakiness on the scalp. The easy handle design prevents you from dropping the brush and allows for easy brushing through the hair (not just your regular brush – no more snapping handles!)

Unlike most brushes on the market, we wanted to make sure our brush was also suitable for those with extensions! When we created the Journey Tangle Teaser Brush we knew exactly what was needed to look after, protect and actually stimulate hair growth! We’ve taken all the best features of our old school favourites and created a stylish beautiful brush that does more than just ‘brush hair.’

If you are wanting to achieve professional, salon-quality results at home whilst maintaining your hairs health – this brush is for you! Our signature tool has been tested and proven worldwide. Believe us when we say it has been such a relief to have the right brush in our hands, we want the same for you!