If you can be anything, be cruelty free!

by Lilly Moyes

Our fury friends not only melt our hearts but also make for great life long companions. The welfare of animals in the global beauty industry is a topic we are extremely passionate about and are dedicated to bringing awareness and being a change in the industry. Animals of the world were not made to be tested on, and that's the way it should be! Today we discuss the dark truth about the industry and shed some light on how to take a more kinder, ethical haircare journey. 

As the beauty industry is forever evolving, trying new products and jumping on the latest trends are exciting but with new scents and textures comes a dark truth once well hidden from consumers. Animal testing, hidden chemicals, silicon’s and many more nasties are still riddled throughout the beauty industry to this day. Although it is a sad truth and only a select handful of companies are willing to change for a greater cause – continuous media exposure and consumer awareness is demanding for a mass worldwide movement. 

When we began researching for Yen Body, what we came across was quite shocking! Did you know that approximately 100,000 – 200,000 animals suffer from and die just for cosmetics every year? (source white rabbit reublik) Combine this cruelty with a treatment full of chemically infused ingredients and call it a miracle mask! It was a huge wakeup call for us – that is why we were determined to create a beauty brand and lifestyle with the assurance of providing not only better, kinder and more ethical products but also guarantee they were and always will be cruelty free! 

In todays world, animal testing is absolutely not necessary. Modern science and technology allow for alternative testing and are actually more efficient and reliable. This can include the use of human volunteers, cell and tissue cultures, synthetic membranes, statistics, scanning technologies, and computer models. See, no excuse for the abuse! 

How can I make the switch to cruelty free cosmetic? 

The great news is that making a change is actually quite easy! By reading this article you are already making proactive choices and stepping in the right direction for change. When purchasing your next beauty product, always check the label and only buy products marked cruelty free. Not only will you be supporting an ethical and responsibly produced company but also letting these businesses that do still test on animals know, that his isn't what the consumer wants! Be the change you want to see in the world and support #crueltyfreebeauty! 

And of course, all of the Yen Body products are and always will be cruelty free!