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Are your bad habits getting in the way of achieving your hair goals? How to love your hair routine and achieve healthy hair habits!

Bad habits, we all have them and know how challenging they can be to break.

We know that even something as simple as our hair routine can suffer if we fall behind!

We’ve all been there — “I can’t be bothered to do a journey hair treatment this week or apply a heat protection before styling.” Easy, right? But the problem is, if we continue to
neglect these simple (yet effective) tasks our hair will be affected, and not in the good way either.

Here are a couple of tips to help transition into a healthy hair routine that sticks! How many times have you said to yourself – “Right! I’m going to do a hair treatment
—say, every Sunday afternoon?”

Week 1 is done, no worries, then week 2 comes, and you can’t be bothered, or life gets in the way. Don’t worry—you are not alone; we all do this,


we just have to slightly adjust our daily habits for a big change! 


I’m reading a book at the moment, Atomic habits by James Clear. This book has shown me how I have a ‘need’ habit and a ‘want’ habit.

So, for example, I ‘need’ to do a journey hair treatment every Sunday afternoon to help my dry hair stay hydrated and healthy. Most of us will want to do it but when Sunday comes
around plans change.

Here’s where we adjust our thinking,

pair that with a ‘want’ like watching a TV show or a movie. If I ‘want’ to watch TV, then I have to apply my journey hair treatment before I get to relax on the couch! So, by attaching it to my ‘want’ and making my brain think this is what I need to do before I can sit, I need my Journey hair treatment in to do so.

Think of something that you do every Sunday afternoon or the day you choose to do your Journey hydration hair treatment. Decide to team it up with something you ‘want’ to
do and before you know it, you will be implementing this habit without even thinking.

Success, a new habit is formed.

This book has been great for so many parts of my life and I highly recommend reading it and seeing if you can create new habits on the back of other habits.

Keep your dry hair hydrated and enjoy your & “want” habit simultaneously. I would love to hear what you have teamed your journey hydration hair treatment with
and if it has worked for you.


Take care

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